way in


Way In is a very old bookshop on Hamra street in the heart of Beirut. It’s the bookshop that everyone who has been to Hamra recognises, not only because it has been there for decades, but also because of its very special facade. In this group project, my peers and I revamped the Way In facade into a fresher, cleaner look.


The bookshop’s entrance was flanked by two small glass cases which held old dusty books that were rarely paid any attention to. The stairway leads to the inside of the shop, while displaying through random typography, the many things you will find inside.


Laser-cut, hand painted panels were turned into display boxes, custom made to showcase every book genre in the shop. The layering of paper cardboard reflects the strairway’s layered architecture.


We filled the glass cases with the colorful boxes. We kept the color scheme as well as the idea of an arrow that was now calling for the customers from across the street.