I’m a Lebanese graphic designer.
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My weapons of choice are curiosity, dedication and caffeine.
I find inspiration. And when I don’t, it finds me.
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Working full-time and freelancing during my academic years have allowed me to cope well with tight deadlines and deliver under pressure. My work strategy includes always being open to learning opportunities, especially when faced with new challenges, while pushing to get my own ideas and concepts across.


Other than the abilities to absorb and adapt in all environments, I have found comfort behind the lens of my camera. I often experiment in photography as well as other hands-on mediums, like: etching, silkscreen, woodblock printing or linocut.


Just like my professional career, my hobbies are mostly artistic in orientation. I spent around 8 years at Caracalla Dance School, then moved on to Mozart Chahine School where I spent 3 years between piano and vocal lessons. But I also enjoy boxing and self-defense classes, from time to time.

behind the lense

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