A magazine for performing arts in Lebanon. A group project in which my peers and I created Monolog, a trilingual, biannual magazine that drives to place performing arts in the center of everybody’s daily life, rather than a rare occasion.
The magazine is threefold:

  • Yesterday: articles about past events, reviews and other commentaries
  • Today: interviews with artists and rising talents, highlights of today’s growing Lebanese art scene
  • Tomorrow: announcements of upcoming events and other things to keep the audience updated

The magazine supports three languages: English, French and Arabic. As a layouting solution, the magazine offers no front or back page. Latin and Arabic letters are upside down from each other, which makes the magazine readable from both directions depending on the language.

Throughout the full blown spreads, the recurrent theme was the play between type and the human body, or the human life in general. We exploited every possible way of making the letters come to life, complementing the movement and presence of the body that is normally highlighted in performing arts. Projection, paint, cut outs, motion, and even salt became our canvas.

Textures were created using spray paint, water and foam board.

The bilingual logo, found in the pagination, is a fusion of the two scripts of the magazine.