midaq alley


A personal interpretation of Nagib Mahfouz’s book Midaq Alley. This book is a series of short stories all of which happen in the same alley, concerning the neighbours and people of the region.

In Mahfouz’s book, “each character is expressed like a caricature in which one quality or trait is over-emphasized.” This aspect is reflected in the typographical treatment of each character’s letters. In addition to that, the speech, actions and thoughts of the characters, as the story unfolds, each have a different treatment as shown in the legend.

Each line in this book is associated with a character of the story. Each character talks, acts and thinks as well as interacts with other characters. The lines crossing between characters link the actions to the person concerned.

The additional colored words that appear in between the lines, are the adjectives describing people (blue), the weather (green), the place (orange) and feelings (yellow).

The book is made in a form of an accordion, to open fully for the viewer to be able to see the whole story unfold at once.